1. How can I book a tour ?
Call us at +66 (0)81 926 2102 or email us. We take booking on a first-come, first-served basis thus book early for best dates.

2. What are you hours of operation ?
We operate daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3. What happens if our tour gets
cancelled due to weather ?
Helithai flies in accordance to conditions set out by Thailand weather minima and if your flight is cancelled as a result of weather, we will make every effort to re-schedule your booking.

4. Will I need insurance when taking my tour ?
No, Helithai flights are fully insured and our insurance policy is the same as any other major airline. Detailed information is available upon request.

5. How much experience do your pilots have ?
All pilots and maintenance team are highly trained and undergo scheduled recurrent trainings and prodiciencies checks which help ensure that we maintain the highest safety standard. They all comply to the local Civil Aviation.

6. When is the best time to fly ?
We cater to our clients' schedule and preferences.

7. How long has Helithai been in business ?
8 years to date.

8. Will we be the only ones in the helicopter ? How is seating arranged ?
No, unless you specially request for a private flight at additional cost. The empty remaining seats can be allocated to other passengers. The EC130-B4 can accommodate up to 6 passengers and the Robinson R44 up to 3 passengers.

9. Is there an age limit for passengers ?
There is no age limit. However, children below 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Any child below 2 years of age must also be carried in an adult's lap with a child safety belt, and above 2 years of age must be seated in his or her own seat.

10. I am 6 months pregnant. Can I still go on the helicopter ?
Yes, but please consult your doctor should you have any concerns.

11. How low do you fly ?
As a general rule, we can fly as low as 500 feet above non-populated areas.

12. What should we wear for the flight ?
As our helicopter is temperature controlled, we suggest you dress comfortably. Hats are not allowed to be worn around the helicopters as they can fly into the rotors and damage the aircraft. We recommend you to wear dark colors outfits to ensure less reflections in the windows while taking photographies.

13. What type of aircraft do you provide?
We operate our Scenic Flights and Transfer with the EC130-B4 Eurocopter and the Robinson R44 Raven II.

14. What are the differences between the two aircrafts?
The EC130-B4 Eurocopter state-of-the-art aircraft (based at Nai Yang) is a 6 passenger seats helicopter (2 in front next to pilot and 4 at the back), with air-conditioning, 180 degres window view, Bose noise reduction headsets, small luggage compartment. The Robinson R44 Raven II (based at Boat Lagoon Marina) is a 3 passenger seats helicopter (1 in front next to pilot and 2 at the back), with air-conditioning, window view at each seat, two way communication headset with music adaptor, hand luggage compartment.